Am I the only one who thinks that Mall of America is a waste of time? Well I do. We at Loftonspace recently went MOA for a couple days and it was one of our worst getaways ever. Monday morning started off pretty good up until we cross the border to Minnesota. We took frequent stops for restroom breaks and possibly food, and the further we went into Minnesota the worse it got. If you have Iowa license plates they will cut you off in traffic, make it so you can’t merge into lanes that you need to be in, especially in construction areas.

We get to the mall and it was hard to find a place to park so we ended going into a garage. Which wasn’t too horrible. We ended up in the Sears store and we were trying to figure out how to get out to the main floor. When we did we decided to go to Cadillac Ranch which we thought was a country style restaurant. The atmosphere was great but unfortunately the music didn’t fit the theme. When we got finished with our  meals and one thing after another happened. First was the card we thought was lost but after cancelling it realized it was at home on a night stand and then my phone ended up in a place where I couldn’t get to it behind one of the dining booths. Thank goodness the waiter was kind enough to find away to get it out for us.

After that we went up to the floor with the movie theater we were looking forward to seeing the new movie “The Dark Night Rises” and it turns out it was too expensive per person and it was three hours before the next showing so we decided to forget about it. So the first stop was to get Odie some new shoes that he desperately needed. You could almost see his big toe through the mesh on his old pair.  Then we went to the Barns and Noble book store and at our friends request to look for a journal. We went and my friends fiance accidentally left us to look at something not to mention there was a small concert out on the main floor.

While we were there I decided “you know my story could use some color or old writing.”

After a while we found him and started heading  to the Hotel the room was nice. The pool on the other hand had a little too much chlorine solution and we didn’t stay to long. Then we got back up to the room and decided to get pizza and cheese sticks and a couple two liters of pop. Well we didn’t find any phone book and so Odie and our friends looked up an address and info to a Domino’s near the hotel. The number got called and then got transferred to another store. The food gets ordered and we’re sitting around waiting for it and making a decision on an movie to watch from the hotel. There’s a phone call and the food  almost didn’t get delivered and had the wrong address.  So we get it and everyone’s happy and the movie was good.

The next morning and there’s two complimentary breakfasts and we decide on who’s getting it and Odie paid for the buffet and honestly the food wasn’t that great. You could tell that it was sitting out for a while. After we get back up we thought about doing a scenic tour but later decided not to do it. We hang out for a little bit in the room pack up and leave. A little later when we arrive at a gas station to fill up on gas we found out that there was something else left in the room. So after we fill up and head back and luckily house keeping didn’t get into it and they were nice enough to let us in. About five minuets later we found it and headed back . Around four is when we dropped our friends off and a little while later started our way back. WE WERE GLAD TO FINALLY GET BACK HOME

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I am Odie's fiance and helper with his website. I help him when I can between school and work. If I'm available I will co-host Honky Tonk Saturdays with him. I help edit his articles for the site and give him his opinion on things he has questions about.


  1. Come on down to Mississippi, and we will teach you how to enjoy your meal, because it will be pond raised catfish fillets, cooked in a fish fryer by an expert, namely me.

    1. You know we’d love to. It sounds so Tasty right now. I’ve had your catfish and they were delicious. We may be in your area next March. It’s up in the air right now but we sure will try. Take care. It’s good to hear from you.

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